I Did Some Work at a Party

I spent the day doing a little work on the side, working at this new executive condo complex called parc life ec, which is about four or five buildings in Yishun where they are doing a great deal of construction. Obviously after they build the place they want to sell them and they are in the phase of the thing where they are doing both of these operations. At any rate a friend of mine got the job of catering a party where they were showing off the demo units, these are ready. The rest of the building is still under construction and it does not look as though they are going to be ready very soon to me. At any rate I was there to help out in the preparation and the serving of the food, but I found some time to try my luck with a really beautiful girl that was working there as well.

She was one of a number of attractive young women who were selling these condos. Obviously the people who build the places think that this is going to enhance their opportunity to make a sale and so long as they are selling to a man, they are likely correct. Many of them were pretending to flirt with the potential customers, but this one was playing it straight and that was how I tried to get the foot in the door. At any rate she smiled and pretended to be amused, but I got lucky. It seemed as though she were in some sort of rivalry with this other girl and she happened to tell me that I was cute in front of her. That was all that it took and I ended up getting her phone number and taking her out three days later.

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